Andrea L. - Portland, OR

 Great! Mark was fast and efficient with both the estimate and installation. I'm very happy with the screen door that he installed. He gave an honest opinion of our existing screen door and was clear about the cost to fix versus the cost of replacing. If you are looking for a new screen door or a repair to your existing screen, I would highly recommend calling Aira. 

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Cinnamon F. - Portland, OR

 This is the guy to call if you need a retractable screen!

He's very responsive, quick to book and provide a quote (which is extremely fair and reasonable), and timely to schedule the installation.

We had a rental with a ripped front door screen that he readily fixed for us instead of having to replace it, which would have required a custom one (and beaucoup bucks). He could've suggested the latter, but showed great integrity by suggesting the more cost-effective option. 

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Sales Mobile - Portland, OR

I had done the research before choosing this brand which was once manufactured in Canada by Eclipse Technologies.  In my opinion of the more than 50 brands on the market this one was by far the best one built.  It was designed by the same engineer that designed the first Phantom retractable screen door which was a copy of the first retractable window screen made by Pella windows.  The difference was the AIRA had about 10 improvements in it.  I was so excited about the brand that I put two on my home.  I've had them for almost 20 years now and they still work great with the same original mesh in them.  The other brands mesh tore too easily and required too much maintenance.  

Mark has been installing them for many years and now owns the manufacturing company that has moved here to Oregon.  He is very knowledgeable and great to work with.  I own a local screen and glass shop where we repair and manufacture sliding and swinging screen doors and window screens in the Portland Oregon area.  There are many times when my screens wont fit or just aren't an ideal applications.  I've called on Mark at AIRA screens for several years now to help the person out with retractable disappearing screen doors.  They LOVE them.  They are so cool!  I refer to him almost weekly.

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