Screen Door Installation

Which door gets a screen?

Front doors, back doors, french doors, sliding glass doors, outswing doors, single or french and more. Doors on patios where swinging screens limit the area you can place your patio furniture.  Out of square vinyl or aluminum sliding glass doors. Juliet decks.  Front doors where a swinging screen sweeps you off the step.  Doors controlled by Homeowners associations.  Multi story buildings where no screws are allowed to penetrate sills. Attractive front doors that you do not want to block.  The door between the house and the garage.  Oversize and over height doors. On doors with glass where you do not want to block the view. To replace a problematic screen.  Put a retractable screen door on the doors where you want an attractive and simple way to get fresh air and ventilation without letting in bugs.  

What is the process?

Call with the approximate size of your door, and after a few basic questions (style of door, where you live),  get an estimate over the phone.  Book a time for us to measure, select color, and receive a free written quote.  Arrange a time for installation.  Lead times vary, typically a few days, but can be up to two weeks.  Installation is efficient and usually takes less than an hour.  We clean up and leave you with an attractive, reliable, unobtrusive screen door. They look as if they belong with the doorway.  

What does it cost?

Prices vary.  Rely on our written quote.  A standard single door in Portland is around $400. We need to see your door for a firm price quote, there are many variables.  While things can vary, most doors fall within our standard parameters.  We have done many doors for under $400.

Sliding Glass Door Screen

Sliding Glass Door Screen