Why should I choose AIRA screens over other competitors?

Put simply- price and service. AIRA is manufactured right here in the North West! Without shipping costs or a "middle-man" to pay, we save money, and we want to pass those savings to you! 

With a Limited Lifetime Warranty and a generous service policy, handling any possible future issues is easy! We vow to service what we sell. 

How durable are AIRA screens?

Very durable! Our retractables are made from extruded aluminum and then powder coated to ensure a long lasting color.

When the screen is retracted and not in use, the mesh is protected in the "housing"  from bad weather conditions which allows the screens to last longer! 

Can my retractable screen be repaired?

YES! Despite our retractable's amazing durability, sometimes accidents occur. Most parts and components are under our Limited Lifetime Warranty, and our mesh is easily replaceable! 

Give us a call and we would be happy to come fix it!

How much maintenance do I have to do?

The only maintenance you should ever have to do is lubricate the tracks/rails with silicone spray. Don't worry, we will leave you a can! 

If you have any issues with your screen that lubrication does not fix, give us a call!

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